FAQ - Logins and Passwords

The new WHF website uses the same logins for members as the previous website but you do need to set a new password the first time you log in.

Your login is your email address and likely the one at which you receive WHF emails.

Select "Forgot Your Password?" to get a new password.

Once you have successfully set a new password, you should not have to do this again.

If you have tried the above and still have difficulty, please contact us!

The New Website and You

A few notes for you about the new website:

1. You will likely need to reset your password. Just follow the "forgot your password" prompts. You should be able to get a new password set up on your own without trouble but if you run into difficulty, reach out to us via our Contact page. 

2. If you aren't seeing emails from us or they are ending up in a spam filter, please add 'info [at] whfny [dot] emailnb [dot] com' to your list of approved senders. 

3. When purchasing a ticket, please make sure you have selected the correct number of tickets that you want to buy. (Yes, you can buy 40 tickets to the members dinner but is that how many you really want?) 

We are so glad to have a classy new website -- and one that we can update easily to share news.

Let us know if you encounter kinks so we can continue to improve our operations.

Thank you! 


Board Nominees and Election for 2017-18

At the May 23 Annual Meeting, WHF members will gather for the annual election. The slate for new board members and new officer positions is below. If you are not able to attend the Annual Meeting and would like to vote, please contact WHF before May 15, 5pm.


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WHF Releases Compensation and Benefits Survey

Women in Housing and Finance, Inc (WHF) is pleased to present its first industry salary and benefits survey. We believe it is important for women especially to understand the market of compensation, regardless of sector or profession. In an effort to bring some transparency, the survey was circulated widely throughout our members and networks, which include other real estate membership groups, professionals in the private sector, non-profit and public sectors. We look forward to your comments and refining the survey in future years. 

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Welcome to WHF's new website


WHF is proud to unveil its new website with a fresh look and updated content. Please take a look around and let us know what you think.

We got a wonderful recommendation from a WHF member and ultimately ended up working with Wire Media, a woman-owned company and certified B-corp. We gladly recommend Wire Media to our members and friends.

We are using Nation Builder as the platform which we believe will be easier and more cost effective than our previous provider.

In this section of the website we will post non-event news. We have a separate section where we will post events and with links to registration.

As with any new endeavor, we may find there are a few kinks to work out. Please be patient with us as we collaborate in improving our performance. 

Again -- welcome!