The New Website and You

A few notes for you about the new website:

1. You will likely need to reset your password. Just follow the "forgot your password" prompts. You should be able to get a new password set up on your own without trouble but if you run into difficulty, reach out to us via our Contact page. 

2. If you aren't seeing emails from us or they are ending up in a spam filter, please add 'info [at] whfny [dot] emailnb [dot] com' to your list of approved senders. 

3. When purchasing a ticket, please make sure you have selected the correct number of tickets that you want to buy. (Yes, you can buy 40 tickets to the members dinner but is that how many you really want?) 

We are so glad to have a classy new website -- and one that we can update easily to share news.

Let us know if you encounter kinks so we can continue to improve our operations.

Thank you!