Our Board


Niki Tsismenakis, Goldstein Hall PLLC

"WHF provides a forum for thoughtful discussions with women in housing and finance who can elevate each other through their work and words."

Deputy to the President

Emily Kurtz, Riseboro Community Partnership

"WHF has afforded me the opportunity to network with and learn from highly intelligent, innovative, and thoughtful members of the affordable housing industry. The annual program calendar reflects the diverse interests of WHF's membership, and ensures that there will always be something new to learn."

Co-Vice President of Programs

Tatiana Gutierrez, Pretium Partners

“WHF is a wonderful service organization providing invaluable connectivity and opportunity for women in housing, real estate and construction.”

Co-Vice President of Programs

Joanna Kandel, Camber Property Group

"I appreciate the variety of opportunities and programs that WHF provides that enable me to get to know interesting and accomplished women in both the private and public sectors."

Nelson_Kristin.jpgVice President of Operations

Kristin Nelson, The Community Builders

“I most appreciate that WHF provides an opportunity for diverse sections of the industry to meet, share and learn from each other in a welcoming and informative environment.”

Vice President of Communications

Julie Gonzalez, NYC HDC

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have found WHF. The community and camaraderie it fosters is one of a kind."

Vice President of Membership

Amy Chandra, Forsyth Street Advisors

"WHF serves as my outlet to meet, support, and engage in open dialogue with others in the community development and housing industry."


Susan Calderon, Community Development Trust

"WHF is an excellent resource to connect with and gain perspective from talented individuals from across the housing and finance sectors. I feel fortunate to be part of this group."


AkikoKyei-Aboagye, Urban Architectural Initiatives

"Among professional organizations, I find WHF unique in that it’s genuinely focused on learning and sharing perspectives from among its diverse membership. WHF’s role in fostering worthwhile discussion and exchange is truly valuable to all of us working to build better housing and better communities."


Simone Gross, Maycomb Capital

"WHF is a wonderful network of interesting women supporting each other in real estate and finance."

Danielle Ash, Duval & Stachenfeld LLP 

"WHF has provided me an extraordinary opportunity to meet and learn from a wide array of professionals in the affordable housing and community development industry – which, in turn, has helped me push my career in commercial real estate in new and exciting directions. I love being a part of the WHF network."

Emily_Chen.jpgEmily Chen, National Equity Fund

“WHF-NY is deliberate in its intentions to create community and strengthen relationships. It’s a joy to be a part of this organization.”

Gloribel Cruz, TD Bank 

"WHF is a phenomenal platform that affords its members an opportunity to learn, grow and promote change in our industry."

Mar Granados, Sugar Hill Capital Partners 

"I am grateful to belong to a community of professionals that I respect and admire. Being part of the Women in Housing and Finance is a chance to engage with incredible women that teach me everyday the value of caring for the present of our industry so we can together build the future."

Pam Razo

"Women in Housing and Finance of New York offers exceptional programming throughout the year and is composed of women committed to uplifting other women. I am proud to be a part of the WHF community and excited to partake in moving its mission forward of promoting and supporting the professional growth of my peers in the fields of housing and finance."

Jennifer Steinberg, Beacon Communities 

"WHF is the best."

Lovaeta Amoako, NYCHA

"I always appreciated how WHF created a space for like-minded women to network, gain institutional knowledge, collaborate, and grow. WHF played a major role in my ability to branch into the affordable housing field and for that, I am grateful. "

Katie Vail, Enterprise Community Loan Fund

“WHF’s community is knowledgeable, engaged, and extremely welcoming. The content and connections WHF offers are helpful to professionals at various stages in their careers and spanning a wide range of backgrounds within real estate and finance.”

Alice Anigacz, Community Preservation Corporation

“WHF is the most invaluable professional network I have ever encountered. Beyond their many professional abilities and accomplishments, I am humbled by how supportive, approachable, and eager to share their expertise this group’s members have always been, and have continued to be throughout the difficult past year plus.”

Anivelca Cordova, Lemle & Wolff

“I am excited to serve on the Board of WHF alongside a group of women who are strong and dedicated leaders.”

Katie Devine, Rockabill Consulting & Development

“When I moved to NYC from Chicago several years ago, WHF programming and networking opportunities helped me acclimate to the unique complexities of the affordable housing industry in NYC. I’ll always be grateful to this incredible organization, and I’m proud to be part of such a dynamic and inspiring group.”

Stephanie Mavronicolas, New York City Housing Development Corporation

"WHF represents a dynamic group of individuals from a wide-range of backgrounds and expertise. This makes for an excellent forum for the affordable housing industry to come together to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and grow professionally."

Kirsten Shaw, LIIF

“WHF is a place that combines knowledge-sharing, networking, and fun. There is so much variety in the events, activities, and other ways members come together. It’s an incredible group of interesting, ambitious professional women who help each other advance their work.”

Jenny Wu, Jonathan Rose Companies

“WHF is an inclusive community that supports women at all stages of their professional development.  The network and community of members, plus all the programming is such a valuable resource for women in the housing and finance industry.

Katelyn Meehan, Wells Fargo Bank

"WHF is an exceptional organization that works hard to bring together a diverse board and membership body across a broad spectrum of housing and finance professional sectors. They provide outstanding programming throughout the year, and I am excited to be part of the Board."


Cynthia D. Lewis

Lois B. Bernstein (1940-2018) 
Gina L. Bolden-Rivera
, Bolden-Rivera & Associates, LLC
Caroline Harris, Goldman Harris LLC
Beth Cooper Lawrence
Laura Lazarus, Lantern Community Services
Phyllis Ann Santry, Esq.
Alison Novak, Sidewalk Labs
Jennifer Trepinski, Corporation for Supportive Housing


Amie Gross, Amie Gross Architects
Deborah Van Amerongen, Nixon Peabody

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