WHF Releases Compensation and Benefits Survey

Women in Housing and Finance, Inc (WHF) is pleased to present its first industry salary and benefits survey. We believe it is important for women especially to understand the market of compensation, regardless of sector or profession. In an effort to bring some transparency, the survey was circulated widely throughout our members and networks, which include other real estate membership groups, professionals in the private sector, non-profit and public sectors. We look forward to your comments and refining the survey in future years. 

As featured in Politico New York:

WORKING WOMEN — Women in Housing and Finance has released its first survey that studies salary and benefits for those working in the development and finance sectors. Of the 449 responses, 83 percent came from women, according to Alison Novak, president of the Board of Directors at the organization and a principal at Hudson Companies. At least 75 percent working in law, development or banking fields reported earning at least six figures, while those in law and government reported having the best benefits. Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, who spoke at the organization's luncheon last week, applauded the study "for bringing more transparency to pay, benefits and bonuses so that women in the field have the facts they need to get their due."