Director of Special Projects, Osborne Assoication

The Osborne Association has embarked on a real estate development project to convert a shuttered prison into a Community Reentry Center. This groundbreaking project will be the first in the country to repurpose a prison into a beacon of transformation for both those returning from jail and prison but also for the community. The building will provide 135 beds of transitional reentry housing as well as job-readiness and workforce training, permanent housing placement, and a catering social enterprise.

With the funding for the project in place, the Director of Special Projects will guide the organization through the next steps of completing all funding and financing agreements and contracts, and lead us through the construction phase to the launch of the reentry center. As a corollary to the real estate development, the Director will lead the organization’s activities with respect to our relationships with elected officials including coordinating discretionary funding requests, developing and maintaining relationships with our elected officials, and coordinating activities with Osborne’s Policy Center and Communications team. We seek a strong leader to direct all these efforts.

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