Director of Real Estate Development, AAFE

Poised for transformational change and to continue building the right real estate portfolio, assets and team for an evolving, growing and diverse organization, AAFE seeks a seasoned, hands-on Director of Real Estate Development with significant experience underwriting affordable housing and in securing federal, state and local financing (preference will be given to applicants who have experience in the New York State and local real estate and financing programs).  The successful candidate will lead public/private partnerships and complex affordable housing projects from the initiation phase through to completion. He/she will design, implement and manage an extensive real estate portfolio and assets (including management of  underwriting and funding relationships, processes and sources) and leading a high-performing team of real estate and banking professionals responsible for multiple programs and services. These include: affordable housing and commercial development projects, property management and tenant services and housing policy and advocacy. He/she will work with AAFE’s  two Co-Executive Directors and Board of Directors, senior leadership team and real estate team to drive the organization’s mission, vision, values and culture to implement ambitious strategic goals and new business models to maximize AAFE’s impact in the communities it serves. As AAFE’s new, experienced, Director of Real Estate, he/she will work with the Co-Executive Directors,  senior leadership team and real estate development staff , to foster a strong, unified organization characterized by mission-driven investments in people and place; one that requires collegiality and cross-functional teamwork.

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