Southside United HDFC Los Sures—Director of Housing Development

The Director of Housing Development is a full time position that, under supervision of the Executive Director, plans, coordinates, and directs all activities of Los Sures’ Development Department staff and consultant team, including architects, engineers, construction contractors, attorneys, and financial consultants integral to the affordable housing development process. Tasks cover a wide range and include project programming and design, site acquisition, underwriting, financing, construction administration, and operation start-up. In addition to supervising all housing development staff, the Director participates on the agency Management Team, initiates new development projects and supervises existing ones. The Director coordinates development policy issues with the Executive Director.


  • Meets with and reports to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors on a regular basis to review development activities and general development issues. Communicates financial risk and related information to the Fiscal Director, and coordinates with the Directors of Property Management, Tenant Services and Finance with start up operations.
  • Manages the concept, site selection, feasibility, due diligence, finance, construction and operation of current and future real estate acquisitions and developments
  • Coordinates the hiring of the design team and other specialized consultants and is also responsible for overseeing the work of these consultants (contractors, architects, engineers, and other consultants) to plan projects related to design, entitlement, permitting, acquisition due diligence and closing activities
  • Oversees all elements of project financing. Reviews development-related payment requests, budgets and accounting reports, requests for proposals, and contracts. Monitors development budgets; underwriting and forecasts cash flows.
  • Initiates and evaluates new development opportunities. Together, with subordinate development staff: evaluates potential sites to determine feasibility, negotiates purchase agreements, and secures financing for new projects.
  • Oversees management of development projects and performs all related tasks.
  • Participates in fund development activities.
  • Leverages existing public, private, for-profit and nonprofit relationships to source new development opportunities
  • Formulates and coordinates development policy, goals and budgets.
  • Research and develop
  • Performs outreach duties and public relations work as needed; attends neighborhood and community meetings.
  • Participates on the Executive Director’s Management Team; coordinates with other departments. Attends Los Sures Board meetings.
  • Performs other tasks as may be assigned by the Executive Director.
  • Assist in Investor Relations activities as required



  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience with affordable and/or supportive housing
  • Master’s degree in real estate, urban planning, architecture or equivalent preferred
  • Knowledge of building design and construction
  • Strong knowledge of federal, state, city, local and private funding sources
  • Proven ability to work effectively with low-income, diverse, multi-ethnic populations
  • Excellent interpersonal and business communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to prepare and analyze financial documents
  • Strong computer skills, including facility with word processing and spreadsheets

To apply, please email your cover letter and résumé to [email protected].                                                                  

Please note that our company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.